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Welcome. This blog is a place where I will post ideas, thoughts, questions and stories about surviving the grief that accompanies the passing of a spouse or partner.

If you are newly bereaved or new to the site, I suggest that you begin by going from this page to the oldest dated post using the Posts By The Month drop down menu at the bottom of the page and begin your exploration of the site with the posts in April 2020. I have posted these discussions in a rough chronology from early in my own grief journey to more current parts of what I am learning and experiencing. If you are newly bereaved, I think you will find the earlier posts more in line with what you are experiencing and more beneficial as a place to begin.

Turn Turn Turn.. written by Pete Seeger, performed by h and m fischer

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  1. I just want to say that i am getting some good information and many of the things i read hit home to me. My grief has full control over me at times and knowing that others have experienced the same does help me to think i am not going crazy, Rick Fogg

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