I’ve been bereaved for over seven years now and have been facilitating peer-led support groups for bereaved spouses and partners in Fort Collins, Loveland and Greeley Colorado for the past four years as part of adairehouse.org. During that time, I’ve written handouts and questions for those meetings about a wide range of grief topics that reflect what I learned in my own grief journey and what I learned from talking to numerous bereaved spouses and partners over the years. 

I’ve recently begun to post those handouts on this blog to make them available to others who might like to read them. Each blog post contains the notes from one of our meetings. I welcome anyone who is interested to check them out and read the posts in the hope that they will contain something that will help you. If you see a topic that looks interesting, feel free to read through it and see if it contains something that helps you to navigate your own grief journey and perhaps poses some questions for you to think about.

If anyone is interested in or has thought about starting to facilitate a peer-led support group, I’ve put a large number of topics, notes and suggestions together as a Facilitator’s Guide to help you get started. The notes are a compilation of all the posts I have and will put on the blog in one place so they are in an easily useable form. They don’t require any training to use, just the willingness to get together with others to talk about grief

If you are interested in starting a support group, the Facilitators Guide is available as a free download at adairehouse.org 

In 2023 we published a book called Flowers From Andrea about my personal grief journey that is the source of most of what is in the blogs. The book contains much of what I learned along the way in my own grief and healing journeys and is available in paperback and ebook format on Amazon.

In Hope and Healing, Dr. Howard Fischer