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Express you grief and mourning when ever you need to and when ever the flood comes and carries you away. 

Since grief feelings come without warning and don’t care where you are or what you are doing or who you’re with, you can choose to express them when and where they strike you, let them happen and not fight them. Know that many times, maybe that’s all you can do, you may have no choice. Just take a “GRIEF MOMENT” when ever and where ever you need to or have to. Just turn away or leave the room and let it wash over you and then when it has passed, you can return to what you were doing, tell people it was a “GRIEF MOMENT” if you were with others and go forward. You don’t need to hide your grief.

You also don’t have to run from your grief because it hurts so badly, you can embrace it and experience it and remember that it is also a celebration of your love.

Alternatively, you can choose to try to hide your feelings and expressions of grief and not express them. You can also hide from them, get super busy and try to put them off because they hurt so badly. However,  those who do this let the feelings and emotions build up inside them where they can sit, unresolved, getting more intense until they find a way to come out sometime later down the road.  Sometimes they explode as anger, sometimes they resurface with even more overwhelming intensity and pain than before. 

You can probably tell which way I think is better or more productive.

In the end though, this is your grief to experience. It is uniquely yours by the nature of your love and the life you shared with your loved one. Find your way forward in as positive a way as you can.

We are not our Grief, We are Grieving..

What I hope you will come away with from reading this first series of posts is not my journey nor my story nor a set of rules to grieve by, but the opening up of yourselves to hope and healing in your lives. What I have written about so far are just ideas, feelings, experiences, questions, things I’ve learned and stories about grief. I hope that they will help you by presenting some examples of things you might experience or think about and help you to navigate your own grief journey and move towards your own hope and healing. Again, in the end, this is your grief journey. Though it can be a very difficult journey, it can also be a journey of learning, growth and hope as well.